Enhancing GameWarp experience with ReShade


GameWarp works best with games which have SBS implementation e.g. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Unfortunately very few games support it, but there is a way to circumvent that - ReShade. With ReShade we can greatly improve game immersion and further enhance the VR experience with GameWarp by rendering them in stereoscopic SBS with a realistic depth representation.

The process is fairly simple and only takes couple minutes (few minutes if you want to fine-tune the experience), but once you've gone through the setup, next game should take only few clicks. Without further ado, let's set up ReShade with GameWarp!

IMPORTANT; ReShade will automatically disable certain features, like Depth Information, to prevent exploits which means that it won't work in games with any Online aspect.


Installing ReShade

First of all we have to download ReShade from HERE. Once downloaded, launch it. You will see 2 options; first we'll talk about the 2nd option. Setting up Vulkan games is very simple, but on the other hand there are very few games working on Vulkan. You can find relatively up-to-date list of Vulkan games HERE. If your game supports Vulkan, simply enable it in ReShade and proceed to the GameWarp section down below.

The other option is applicable to any other game and has to be done manually. You should have a list with your games shown, but to avoid any issues in case the game with a launcher we'll add it manually. Press 'browse' and look for the .exe file of your game and click 'open'.


Then you will be faced with the following options.


If you are unsure what rendering API game utilizes, you can find list of the most popular games, reported by the community, as well as their depth information (which is important for GameWarp) HERE. Once you've found which API your game uses, select it and continue. Now we'll need to install packages; 2 at the top should already be selected, and add "Depth3D by BlueSkyDefender" then press 'OK'.


You will be asked which files you want to install for each of these 3 packages, make sure all of them are checked and proceed.


At the end you should be notified that the 'ReShade setup was successful". Now we can close the window.



Once we are done with ReShade we can move to GameWarp. Start GameWarp in RiftCat desktop client and toggle 'External SBS' in GameWarp's tab in live settings.

If it's your first time using GameWarp then it's recommended to read the GameWarp guides available HERE


Now we can start the game. Go to your Steam library and launch the game which you had set up in ReShade previously. In the top-left corner you should see the message that ReShade is working. Press 'Home' button and follow the very short tutorial. At one point you will have a list of effects to choose from, select SuperDepth 3D and check 'performance mode', configuration is not required since default settings are generally decent.


Now that everything is set up, press 'Home' to hide ReShade menu (you can always bring it back with the same button) and now we can admire games with enhanced experience in GameWarp with ReShade.



ReShade configuration

As you have previously noticed, enabling SuperDepth 3D came with lots of different configs that can be used to further tweak the experience. Default settings are decent in many cases but if you want to fine-tune the experience then you can play a bit with them.  To bring back the configs just disable "Performance Mode" in ReShade settings (Home button). All configurations should be updated live so the best way is to move each slider and see what it does.

If you want to tweak GameWarp settings or enable GameWarp input then it's recommended to check out THIS article.

That's all! Have fun playing games using GameWarp with ReShade!



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