How to play any Game with VRidge

Play any game in VR with VRidge technology!

To begin you will have to download VRidge 2.0 from Google Play and install RiftCat client on your PC available on our website. Once you've done that just connect VRidge with RIftCat by confirming your phone in RiftCat client. Now simply move cursor over the "Play" button and select Gamewarp from the dropdown menu.


You should see currently selected window on your phone in VR mode, now all we have to do is launch game, and it should be automatically displayed in VR mode on your phone. 

 If you want to learn about GameWarp configuration, visit THIS article.


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    jeff courtney

    Excellent gamewarp update and working with the quest.I think these guys are excellent offering a free demo version too.Can you list the best games non vr that work in full vr ?


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