GameWarp Input Simulation and Config Guide


Gamewarp input simulation sends input events that emulate mouse and keyboard actions. This generally isn't considered botting because nearly all accessibility software uses the same mechanisms. Nevertheless, it is possible that restrictive anti-cheat mechanisms may flag all kinds of input emulations, even originating from actual user actions (through HMD), as not allowed.

To enable this feature connect VRidge with RiftCat and then go to "Configurations" within RiftCat client. Press "cogwheel" next to "GameWarp" and in the settings enable "Gamewarp Input". Below you can find more informations bout Input Simulation.

Details of used technology (click to view):
Windows API 


GameWarp is highly customizable and you can adjust a lot of the settings on the fly. Additionally you can create a library of different configurations so that you can quickly swap between profiles for different games.


Settings Profile

It's very likely that each game will require different configs or set of keybinds in which case you can export your GameWarp settings to a file so that you can quickly swap back to it in the future by simply importing GameWarp settings and keybinds from a file.

Visual Settings

If some elements of in-game HUD are not visible then you can try different aspect ratio options. In case game is too zoomed in you can adjust Warp Scale to "move further" from the screen, additionally increasing perceived FOV.

Reprojection will reduce latency by about ~20-30ms if enabled but it requires perfect head-to-mouse sensitivity otherwise it won't feel smooth so only enable it if you are willing to tweak head-to-mouse sensitivity values.

Roll Correction will cause image to be stabilized so that the horizon will stay at the correct plane, rather than rotating with your head.

Input Simulation

Input Simulation lets you play games with controllers like Oculus Quest rather than a standard keyboard+mouse input.

Enabling the Input Simulation gives you the option to turn it on while playing games using GameWarp. While playing the game press ctrl+shift+G key combination to enable it. Pressing it again will turn it off.

Make sure to carefully read the warning which pops out after enabling GameWarp input.


Mouse Control Settings

Horizontal and Vertical head to mouse sensitivity adjust the distance how far cursor will travel respective to head movement.

In case game will only rotate camera upon holding down left or right mouse button, you can set respective buttons to be permanently held down by simply clicking on the slider.




Controller Settings

Left and Right controller settings have the same functionality but you can adjust them independently to your preference.

Thumb Mode

You can adjust how thumbstick or touchpad on your controller will behave while using Gamewarp:

Mouse - emulates mouse movement. Note: If you want to move mouse cursor only with thumbstick, under 'Mouse Control Settings', change horizontal/vertical head-to-mouse movement to 0.

Directional pad - movement keys (w,a,s,d). You can change it to other actions in Keybinds

Disabled - disables thumbstick/touchpad integration


Keybinds are simple and you just assign keyboard key to the controller button e.g. if in-game you hide weapons by pressing 'v' on keyboard, just select from the picture button with which you want hide weapons and assign 'v' key to that button.


Have fun with GameWarp and if you need help or have more questions, feel free to contact!


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