How to use VRidge Controller

Motion Controllers add another level of immersion in VR. If you have older phone lying around, collecting dust, you can use it with VRidge Controller as a 3DOF controller with Body Model in VR. If you are interested in video guide then we have prepared one which you can watch down below.


Using VRidge Controller is very simple and the setup takes few seconds. Upon launching VRidge Controller it will look for RiftCat client over your local area network. Once it finds your PC, select it then extend your arm forward and press "Reset" button on your phone. After pressing the button, controller should appear in VR and you are ready to play VR games! 



Besides customization settings, you can also connect second VRidge Controller to have both hands in VR but before that, you will have to set phone for each hand. This is very simple and requires a single click. At the bottom you will see a short note which tells you which hand the phone represents. If you click the button with double arrows it will switch to other hand. Once you have controller for left and right hand, you should see both controller in VR.



We hope that you will have fun discovering new games which became playable with VRidge Controller!


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