How to use keyboard+mouse and Xbox controller integrations

You can control your body and emulate Motion Controllers with keyboard + mouse or Xbox controller integrations. It opens new range of games playable with VRidge and is targeted at slow-paced VR games i.e. exploration games or shooters like Space Pirate Trainer. If you are interested in video guide then we have prepared one which you can watch down below.


While at first glance the amount of keybinds seems overwhelming, they are quite intuitive and you can get quickly accustomed to using them. You can always adjust them to your preference in respective integration's settings. They can be accessed by going to RiftCat's Configuration tab and pressing the "cogwheel" button next to the integrations, which will open settings window.



Before we get to them, it's worth mentioning that each has its own implementation of movement controlls. Some game have built-in movement to either keyboard or gamepad so it's recommend to disable RiftCat's movement support in order to avoid having overlapping controls. This specific feature can also be changed as well as disabled/enabled on the fly in the streaming window



Now let's get to the keyboard + mouse integration. Below you can find an image with colored keybinds. Green color represents RiftCat's movement controls. Left hand/controller is represented by orange while right hand/controller by blue.


It's highly recommend to hide cursor (big blue button as shown in the second image above) while using keyboard+mouse integration in order to avoid random button presses on your PC while playing games using VRidge.

Movement keybinds follow a basic standard of many games i.e. WASD keys are used for movement, space for jump, and ctrl for crouching.

Each button from standard Vive controller is clickable on the keyboard with the exception of triggers, which are assigned to the mouse. Below you can find a table with each keybind assigned to keyboard. You can compare it to the colored image above which will help you visualize them. Remember that you can always rebind them.

  Left hand/controller (orange color) Right hand/controller (blue color)
Trigger Left mouse button Right mouse button
Grip (side button) Z C
Touchpad press (gentle touch) Q (middle mouse button) E (middle mouse button)
Menu R F
System G H



Movement keybinds for gamepad are similar to many games i.e. left analog allows you to move, 'A' button is jump while 'B' allows crouching.

Xbox controller has a bit less buttons available therefore we've selected the most important ones and assigned them to gamepad, but if you need the rest buttons then you can always add them in Xbox integration configuration settings.

Below you will find a table which shows how each keybind is represented on gamepad.

  Left hand/controller Right hand/controller 
Trigger Left trigger Right trigger
Grip (side button) X Y
Touchpad press (gentle touch) Left Shoulder (Right analog) Right Shoulder (Right analog)
Menu Back Start
System n/a Left analog press


In addition to the above configuration, you can also adjust position of your controllers in VR. If your controller are too close to each other or too high you can change their position or tilt by using keybinds shown in the table below. Next and previous actions rotate between different modes so that you can quickly swap between them and adjust your controller's position.


  Keyboard + mouse Xbox controller
Next action Mouse forward button Dpad right
Previous action Mouse back button Dpad left
Increase special action value Mouse wheel up Dpad Up
Decrease special action value Mouse wheel down Dpad Down
Arms lenght 1 n/a
Hands tilt 2 n/a
Vertical hands position 3 n/a
Shoulders width 4 n/a


We hope that you will have fun discovering new games which became playable with VRidge thanks to these integrations!


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