[Classic] Minecraft setup guide

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial and VRidge SteamVR Tutorial

NOTE 2: In this tutorial, we will work on Minecraft java version. That’s the one that supports mods and is the most popular one.

After having Minecraft installed and VRidge configured with SteamVR. Close the Minecraft launcher and go to Vivecraft Mod page.

Go to Downloads tab and pick the link for your Minecraft version. You will be redirected to Github where you will have to find the link for the Vivecraft installer:

Launch Vivecraft installation and press Install button. Make sure that your Minecraft launcher is closed. After a shortwhile it should be installed.

Now, make sure that VRidge is connected with SteamVR. Then launch Minecraft launcher and select ViveCraft profile in the bottom left corner. Pressing play will launch Minecraft in VR mode.

Note: When the game will launch, you will notice that the main menu is too low compared to our head position. You should be able to control it, but if you won’t be able to. Run room setup in SteamVR again and when choosing your height set it to lower values or even zero.

Select the mode that you want to play. Generate world or choose an existing one and you will be inside Minecraft in virtual reality.

Since we do not have HTC Vive controllers, we will have to switch the controlling mode. Press ESC key on your keyboard and go to Options -> VR Settings and change Play Mode from Standing to Seated. 

This will show our hands in virtual reality that will be controllable via mouse. Press done and you are ready to play.

You can control your movements with keyboard like in traditional Minecraft. Your hands are controlled by mouse and a little white crosshair in front of it. You can of course, look around with your head movements. Have fun in Minecraft with VRidge.


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