RiftCat installer returns "Error Occured", crashes or gets stuck at 80%

Majority of these issues are caused by Windows not being able to download .NET Framework. In order to fix that check if you have any pending Windows updates and install them.

Temporarily disabling anti-virus software, if present (avast has the most issues with installers), and running installer as an admin might also resolve the issue.

As a last resort you can try to manually install 4.7+ .NET Framework and then run RiftCat installer. Here is a download link to .NET Framework 4.7.1

If above solutions do not work then go to C:\Users<your_username_here>\AppData\Local\Temp​ and look for any files named Riftcat_<some_numbers>. Send matching files to



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    Saad Sajjad

    well why is my riftcat application saying that there is no vridge app for ios but in ios i searched for vridge and downloaded it 

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