Revive Tutorial - Playing Oculus Rift games with VRidge.

NOTE: to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial

Oculus Rift uses different standard than HTC Vive that's why there are different measures required to launch Oculus games with VRidge - Revive. Revive is a third party, open source software which translates Oculus Rift games into SteamVR standard.

Note: Revive is a project that is independent from VRidge. If you run into problems, make sure to contact us first for troubleshooting to not bother Revive developer with VRidge specific issues.

1. Oculus Software installation

First of all download Oculus Software from HERE and install it. During the installation you will choose the location on the disk where all downloaded games will be stored. Remember its location.


2. Oculus Home

After completed installation you will have to log in to Oculus Home Platform. Creating Oculus Home account is completely free.

Once you are in the Oculus Home screen search for "Lucky's tales" in the search box at the top of the window, then install the game.

Lucky's Tales is free which is why we are installing it but you can try any other game (that supports either gamepad or keyboard+mouse input)

While Lucky's Tales is downloading we can install Revive. Download Revive Installer from HERE and install it. 


3. Playing Oculus Rift game with VRidge

Connect VRidge with RiftCat and start SteamVR. There should be new icon in the System Tray menu called "Revive Dashboard." If it's not there then launch Revive from Start menu. Right click Revive Dashboard icon and select "Patch", then navigate to Oculus Rift games location which you have chosen during the installation of Oculus Home. Find folder of the game you want to play and patch the .exe file of a game.



And that’s it. Launch the game through the .exe file of a game while SteamVR is running and your game should start. Remember that for most Oculus Rift games you need an Xbox Controller.


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