How to setup VRidge in GearVR

Installing VRidge for GearVR is very simple and it only requires few click. First of all install SideloadVR for GearVR app from Google Play HERE.

Then open SideloadVR app and your OSIG should be automatically set.



However if OSIG wasn't validated then go to SideloadVR navigation menu -> Manual OSIG Setup and follow the instructions on your screen.

VRidge_for_GearVR__5_.jpg                                         VRidge_for_GearVR__6_.png


Once your OSIG is configured, search for "Vridge" (without quotation marks) in SideloadVR app and install VRidge 2.0. VRidge classic is older version and is no longer being updated - it's highly recommended to use 2.0 version.

NOTE: Installation of VRidge for GearVR might be blocked by Android. To fix that simply go to Phone Settings -> Security and check "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources."



After the installation is complete, look for VRidge for GearVR in Apps on your phone, open it and put your phone into GearVR, start RiftCat client and enjoy PC VR games on your phone!



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    After pushing "Play Steam VR" there only opening of steam website in browser.

    Using Vridge 2.0 with Samsung Galaxy S6+ and Gear VR

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    dr bybin

    I installed Vridge on my s8, and it makes a connection with riftcat over wifi, but then it immediately says that Vridge has crashed, and asks if i want to restart the app and nothing else. Is there any way to fix this or see more debug information? Also from what I can tell the app on the phone doesn't think there is a problem.

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    Alan Frederic Ryden

    S7 Edge Phone with gear headset. V2 starts on phone (asks to be inserted into gear). Starts on PC OK but then asks if it has found right phone (it has) and when I answer yes it simply loops around asking same question. Uninstalled all Vridge apps from phone as well as Sideload then reinstalled. Same problem.

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