VRidge Basic Tutorial - How to start?

It's recommended to watch the video guide.


1. RiftCat Client installation

First of all, you have to download RiftCat client on your desktop PC. Use this link to download the installer. Then install RiftCat client.

2. Connecting VRidge with RiftCat

After successful installation launch RiftCat client.


Download VRidge version appropiate for you. 

This guide is specific to VRidge cardboard version only (available on Google play or Apple App Store). To learn how to install VRidge for GearVR check this guide.

Next select connection type. WiFi provides better experience, however it might be unstable and cause artifacts or lags. It's recommended to use 5GHz WiFi and make sure your Phone is connected to the same local WiFi network as your PC.

USB Tethering is the most stable and if you want to use this type of connection just enable USB tethering on your phone. It's recommended to disable Mobile Data as your PC might start to use your Mobile Internet. USB tethering can be enabled in your phone's settings -> Network & Internet -> Hotspot & tethering.


After selecting your connection type and starting the VRidge app on your Phone, RiftCat should detect your phone. Confirm the connection and now your Phone should be connected with RiftCat client.

3. SteamVR

In order to play VR games, SteamVR is required. Click the "Play" button at the top of RiftCat client.


If you don't have Steam installed yet then you will be redirected to Steam webpage where you can download Steam client (Steam account is required). If SteamVR isn't present then clicking "Play" button will start the download of SteamVR in Steam.

After SteamVR was installed, click the "Play" button again and you will see SteamVR is reporting that the driver is not ready. To fix this, we have to run Room Setup by pressing "Run Room Setup" link in SteamVR driver window.

To complete the Room Setup, follow the instructions appearing on the screen. At first, select the "Standing only" experience.

On the next screen, just press "NEXT" button. If the message will state that "Headset is not ready", make sure that VRidge is still connected to RiftCat.

The next step is calibrating your view center. This is your "forward" position. You should put your headset with VRidge on your head and sit in relaxed, forward position. Press "CALIBRATE" button and after a short while you will be able to procceed by pressing "NEXT".

To avoid strange behavior of your games (like having your head almost at the exact level as the floor) you will have to calibrate the floor. Follow the instructions on screen by typing in your body height in the available field and procceed by pressing "NEXT" button.

At this point, you should see a message that Room Setup was completed and SteamVR windows should show green word "Ready". You can close the setup window now.


4. Have fun in virtual reality with VRidge

From now on, VRidge is ready for SteamVR games. To play them, all you have to do is launch them normally through Steam. Have fun!


Keep in mind that we cannot test all the games. There is always a possibility that the game of your choice might not work correctly with VRidge.

In case of troubles or need for more informations and advanced setup tutorials more articles in our Help Center. Also, you can join our growing VRidge community on Reddit to discuss our software.


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