How to setup VRidge in GearVR

NOTE: Credits for the video goes to Daley Tech.

NOTE 2: Installation of VRidge for GearVR might be blocked by Android. To install it simply go to Phone Settings -> Security and check "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

NOTE 3: Try using default system browser if you run into any problems with Chrome or Firefox.


  1. Go to VRidge for GearVR webpage on ConstructVR HERE and type your e-mail to get download link
  2. Open the link you got on your e-mail and proceed to install ConstructVR
  3. Open ConstructVR and create new account
  4. Once you log in you should be able to see the VRidge for GearVR app, click on it then "Accept Invite" and finally "Download"
  5. After the installation is complete VRidge for GearVR should be in your Apps, open it and put your Phone into GearVR and enjoy PC VR games on your phone!


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    Jesse Castle

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and new Gear VR.

    I can play Steam games on my Gear VR but as soon as I take the headset off and put it back on VRidge Gear VR shuts down and Oculus home opens up.

    I have tried disabling the Gear VR service but stops VRidge for Gear VR working all together.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Love your work guys, keep it up.

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    Adrian Nef

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge. updated to the latest version of Android available for Sprint users (7.0).


    I downloaded ConstructVR, logged in, and clicked Download for VRidge for GearVR. When the prompt comes up to install "Do you want to install this application? It will get access to:...", I can't select "Install". I can select "Cancel" but nothing happens when I try to select "Install". I already have the "Unknown Sources" install allowed so that isn't the issue.


    Any help would be great. I can't use VRidge at all until I can install the app and I'm getting frustrated I have this, the NoloVR, and GearVR and I can't fully utilize my products.



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    Miguel Angel Pastrana

    Hello i try to download  vridge for gear vr from construct but i cant find it, actually i cant find vridge for gear vr in any place, already buy a licence for rifcat, do you think can give me the apk for the vridge for gear vr?

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    sorry but it doesn't work on my galaxy s8 i get a  [thread priority security exception. make sure the apk is signed.] error when i plug in my phone in to gear vr....

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    I have the same error :(
    thread priority security exception. make sure the apk is signed.

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