[Classic] How to setup VRidge in GearVR

Installing VRidge for GearVR is very simple and it only requires few click. First of all install SideloadVR for GearVR app from Google Play here.

Then open SideloadVR app and your OSIG should be automatically set.



However if OSIG wasn't validated then go to SideloadVR navigation menu -> Manual OSIG Setup and follow the instructions on your screen.




Once your OSIG is configured, search for "Vridge" (without quotation marks) in SideloadVR app and install prefered version of VRidge. Remember to use the same version of RiftCat client. 

NOTE: Installation of VRidge for GearVR might be blocked by Android. To install it simply go to Phone Settings -> Security and check "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources."



After the installation is complete, look for VRidge for GearVR in Apps on your phone, open it and put your phone into GearVR and enjoy PC VR games on your phone!



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    Jesse Castle

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and new Gear VR.

    I can play Steam games on my Gear VR but as soon as I take the headset off and put it back on VRidge Gear VR shuts down and Oculus home opens up.

    I have tried disabling the Gear VR service but stops VRidge for Gear VR working all together.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Love your work guys, keep it up.

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    Adrian Nef

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge. updated to the latest version of Android available for Sprint users (7.0).


    I downloaded ConstructVR, logged in, and clicked Download for VRidge for GearVR. When the prompt comes up to install "Do you want to install this application? It will get access to:...", I can't select "Install". I can select "Cancel" but nothing happens when I try to select "Install". I already have the "Unknown Sources" install allowed so that isn't the issue.


    Any help would be great. I can't use VRidge at all until I can install the app and I'm getting frustrated I have this, the NoloVR, and GearVR and I can't fully utilize my products.



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    Miguel Angel Pastrana

    Hello i try to download  vridge for gear vr from construct but i cant find it, actually i cant find vridge for gear vr in any place, already buy a licence for rifcat, do you think can give me the apk for the vridge for gear vr?

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    sorry but it doesn't work on my galaxy s8 i get a  [thread priority security exception. make sure the apk is signed.] error when i plug in my phone in to gear vr....

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    I have the same error :(
    thread priority security exception. make sure the apk is signed.

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    Sandro Belbey


    I have the same problem as Jesse Castle.

    As soon as i plug my s8 plus into the headset it opens oculus home.

    I have also tried to disabling the Gear VR service but also without success.

    As for me it's absolutely unusable via WiFi and i have absolutely no idea what to do (to bring up a tethered connection).

    I have a Samsung s8 plus and Gear VR 2017



    Ok. so now i got it working but i had to add an osig by my own to the apk.

    I did it with this guide and it worked for me

    Edited by Sandro Belbey
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    I managed to get the APK signed by following Sandro's youtube link.

    Headset has the "Ready - please start game with RiftCat desktop app", but the desktop app crashes as soon as I try anything in SteamVR. 

    Has anyone managed to get this working?

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    Never mind I forgot to set the Desktop app to beta version updates.

    It works now.

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    i have galaxy s6: after installing vridge for gear the app wont start, if i click it nothing happen

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    Hi, I have galaxy s6 I installed the version of VRidge for gear vr , but my pc can't find my phone, please help me, thanks for your efforts.

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    Owen michel

    I wanted to do on samsung 7 edge and it looked super glichy

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    I was using it and the desktop app suddenly did an update and now it no longer connects.  Sometimes it asks me if it has found the right phone but even when I agree it is it keeps looking for a connection.

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