How To Assign RiftCat Recenter Hotkey to PS Move Controller

This guide assumes that you have already set up your PS Move Controllers. This is not needed if you are using GearVR and it is recommended to watch the video below (credit goes to Daley Tech).



1. Download JoyToKey (, unzip and then open JoyToKey.exe

2. Connect your PS Move Controllers

3. Go to Settings -> Configure joysticks -> Configure analog stick -> Configure Game Controller Property, choose first Motion Controller and then go to Properties. If error pops up then move to the next Motion Controller and keep trying until you get not error pop up.

You should see this window if error didn't pop up

4. Click on the button you want to assign hotkey to on your PS Move Controller and remember the number that lights up when pushing the button

5. Go to Settings -> Configure joysticks -> Advanced setting for each controller

6. In the first dropdown menu choose the exact same Motion Controller (device) that worked in Step 3. Then in the second dropdown menu choose Joystick 1 and click OK

7. Right click the button from Step 4 and go to Edit this button assignment

8. Under the Keyboard emulation: Basic, type buttons that are used to recenter view in RiftCat. By default it's Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R, but it can be changed in RiftCat settings -> VRidge -> Tracking Options.

9. If you want to bind recenter hotkey to your second PS Move controller then repeat steps 2-8 with the exception to step 6 where you have to choose Joystick 2 instead.


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