PS Move Controllers, FreePie Bridge and VRidge

This guide will help you set up your PS Move Controllers, FreePie Bridge, and VRidge to work together. It will be mostly in text, otherwise it would get pretty long. If you prefer video guide (it is highly recommend to watch it) then below you can find YouTube Video with screenshots of hardware setup (credit goes to Daley Tech).



First of all download latest versions of programs listed below (AutoHotkey is optional):

 Note: There is also a setup guide of PSMoveSteamVRBridge and Service on the Github page HERE


1. Open Zadig and click Options then check List All Devices

2. Select all USB Cameras (B4 etc.)

3. Select libusb-win32

4. Click button Install Driver 


Installing software

1. Install FreePie MSI by simply clicking "Next"

2. Unpack PS Move Service and delete folder Win32 (it's not needed)

3. Unpack PS Move FreePie Bridge

4. Open Folder with PS Move Service and run "SteamVR_InitialSetupWin64" then in the window that just poped up navigate to Steam folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and click OK. Once you've done that run 2 other files which are next to the previous one "SteamVR_ReinstallDriverWin64"  "SteamVR_SetDriverVersWin64" and just follow the instructions.

5. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config and open steamvr.vrsettings file in notepad and make sure you have following lines, if not then add them manually.

       "driver_vridge" : {
       "renderScale" : 0,
       "windowHeight" : 1080,
       "windowWidth" : 1920

       "steamvr": {

             "activateMultipleDrivers" : true



1. Print the CalibrationMat which will be needed later

2. Open PS Move Service folder and run test_camera.exe. You should see all of your cameras and make sure all of your cameras will clearly see your PS Move Controller in the middle.

3. Run PSMoveService.exe (has to be running all the time)

4. Run PSMoveConfigTool.exe, click Controller Settings and then Pair USB Controller

5. Keep pushing PS button on the controller until the pairing is completed (process has to be repeated for each controller)

6. In the Controller Settings window at the top you will be able to switch between all of your controllers which each has its own number assigned to it

 Each step is marked on the screenshot above


7. Choose one of the controller and then click Calibrate Magnetometer and keep moving the controller in your hand until the yellow progress bar is filled and don't click OK yet

8. Put your controller on the CalibrationMat facing forward as shown in the picture, then click OK.


9. Keep controller where it was standing on the CalibrationMat, click Calibrate Gyroscope then keep clicking OK

10. Click Calibrate Accelerometer and Start Sampling

11. Click Test Orientation and check if it correctly tracks position, if not then redo the calibration steps

12. Repeat the 7-11 steps for each controller


Tracker Color Calibration

1. Run PSMoveConfigTool.exe and go to Tracker Settings

2. Click Calibrate Tracking Color and switch Video Filter Mode to Masked

3. Make sure all colors are visible on your controller

4. If color is not visible then switch Filter Mode to RGB (or BGR) and Right click on the Dot and the dot should be visible in Masked Filter Mode

5. Repeat 2-4 steps for each tracker individually and then each controller to every tracker


Freepie Setup

1. Attach PS controller to the side of your VR Headset (for example via velcro)


2. Open PSMoveFreepieBridge folder and run PSMoveFreepieBridge.exe

3. In the pop up window you will want to track 1 controller and then type the number of the controller you want for headtracking

4. Open Freepie, go to File and select freepie example script and click Open

5. Go to Script and then Run Script


SteamVR Setup

1. Go to RiftCat settings -> VRidge Tab -> Tracking options and choose "Phone orientation and FreeTrack position"

2. Run PSMoveConfigTool.exe and SteamVR should automatically launch, if not then launch it

3. Click on SteamVR in the SteamVR window and Run Room Setup

4. Choose Standing Only, next and Calibrate Center (headset has to be on the same spot as it was before on the CalibrationMat)

5. Type the distance between floor and CalibrateMat and click Calibrate Floor and done

6. Click Tracker Settings in PSMoveConfigTool window, Compute Tracker Poses and scroll down to zoom out a bit and see your headset in the middle of the box and click Looks Good

7. You should be able to see all of your controllers on the screen and then click Looks Good (make sure Magenta controller is lying down)

8. Click Use Calibration Mat and move Magenta Controller upright to position 1, 2 and 3, after number 3 position it perfectly on the HMD Line, then position 4 and 5 (yellow controller should be facing square)

9. You should be able to see your controller now, if not then restart your PC and do the Tracker Poses calibration again


AutoHotkey (Optional)

This will start all the services with single button push so you don't have to launch everything manually

1. Install AutoHotkey

2. Right click on the Desktop, go to New and then AutoHotkey Script

3. Right click on the newly created file and select Edit Script

4. Copy-paste the script below, but remember to change paths that will match the locations of files on your PC


SetTitleMatchMode, 2

run, C:\Users\<USER_Name>\Desktop\VR\PSMoveService-v0.9alpha5_0_0\PSMoveService.exe
Sleep, 1000
run, C:\Users\<USER_Name>\Desktop\VR\Freepie\PSMoveFreepieBridge
send, 1 {Enter}
send, 2 {Enter}
sleep, 1000
run, "C:\Program Files (x86)\FreePIE\FreePIE.exe"
WinActivate, - freepie,
Sleep, 1000
send, !f

send, ^o
Send, "freepie example script"{enter}
sleep, 1000
send, {f5}
sleep, 500
send, {LWin down}d{LWin up}
run, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riftcat\Riftcat.exe"


5. Save script, Right click on the file and then Compile Script

6. Right click on the newly created exe file, go to Properties -> Compatiblity and check Run the program as an administrator and click OK



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    Hi, first thank you for that great tutorial! I set up everything following the video (4 cams, 3 controllers) and it is working fine in the move config tool. I take the headset and move around with the controllers and the headset and everything is fine and has the right relations in the test. Then I go through the Steam roomscale setup and it is working quite fine, too. But then, when I start the VR the trouble begins. As soon as I start moving, the controllers move to another direction than my head. I can't see them anymore or they are in weired places. Any suggestions? Can't wait to buy Fallout 4 but want to have it running correct before... Regards, Thomas

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