NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial and VRidge SteamVR Tutorial

To make our hands trackable in VR. We have to start by downloading the Leap Motion Orion driver. Download the Orion Beta (VR) option.


Unpack the downloaded file and launch Leap_Motion_Setup_Win_3.1.3.exe to start Orion Driver installation. 

After the installation, proceed to download Steam VR Leap Motion Driver. Select the zip file with the newest version and download it.


Extract the ZIP file and launch steamvr_leap_driver.msi. Follow the installation instructions to install the driver.

Note: Make sure that SteamVR runtime is running with VRidge connected. Just press “Play SteamVR games” button in RiftCat Client. You should connect to SteamVR dashboard in your phone screen.

After the installation. The SteamVR should show that HTC Vive controllers are connected. If that doesn’t happen. Simply, restart the SteamVR.

Your LeapMotion should start tracking your hands now. To properly use it, you have to strap the LeapMotion controller to the front of your headset.

To control your hands in VR environment, you can perform several hand gestures to simulate the HTC Vive controllers button presses:

Trigger is made by bending the index finger - like firing a gun.


Grip is made by clenchind the middle, ring, and pinky finger to a fist.

Trackpad simulation is made by doing a thumbpress for trackpad clicking. Pointing the index finger towards the second hand palm will emulate the touchpad. Use both gestures simultaneously to click the trackpad in the desired position.


Menu Buttons are made by holding you flat hand in front of you with the palm towards your face.

The timeout pose, used in sports can be used for system menu button.

Note: In case that your hands will get swapped. Just cross your hands the first time you get your hands into the view after starting SteamVR. This will reverse the hand assignment.

With a little bit of practice, you will be able to enjoy multiple virtual reality games using hand tracking. Have fun in virtual reality with your hands!