[Classic] VRidge Basic Tutorial - How to start?


1. RiftCat Client installation

To start, you have to download RiftCat client on your desktop PC. Remember that RiftCat version has to match VRidge version otherwise you won't be able to connect your phone with RiftCat. Below you can find download links for each version.

RiftCat 1.3.3f - DOWNLOAD                                    VRidge 1.3.3f - DOWNLOAD

RiftCat 1.5.0f - DOWNLOAD                                    VRidge 1.5.0f - DOWNLOAD


2. Logging in

You will have to login to RiftCat by creating an account (Press “Create account” button and follow the instructions) or using social media login (Don’t worry, we do not post anything in your name). If you already have RiftCat account, just enter your email and password and press “Login” button.

3. Connecting with mobile phone

By logging into RiftCat client, you will be presented with VRidge tab (if not, just press the “VRidge” tab at the top of the RiftCat client window). You will be moved to VRidge phone connection screen with connection selection popup window.

There are several ways to connect your phone with your PC. Wireless connections are usually more comfortable but the connection might be not as stable as tethered options. For the beginning, we will continue with WiFi connection.

NOTE: If the connection popup did not appear. Just press the "Select connection" button at the top of the screen. 

4. Connecting through WiFi

To connect your phone with your PC make sure that both devices are connected in the same local WiFi network. Remember that WiFi connection, like all unthethered solutions, might be unstable. Especially in crowded WiFi networks (Many WiFi networks in the area). If connection will become unstable (Causing artifacts and disconnections) we suggest switching to USB connection.

On the connections list, select the connection that represents your WiFi adapter. If you are not sure what you should pick, select Automatic mode. It should work 90% of the time. In case it won't work, try experimenting with other options.

After selecting the desired connection, RiftCat will start looking for VRidge mobile app. By pressing the “Get it on Google Play” button, you will be able to download the application for your smartphone.

After downloading and installing VRidge app. All you have to do is open it and make sure that the connection screen is active.

If everything was done correctly, RiftCat should recognize your phone soon. When your phone will detect RiftCat client, you will be asked to confirm your phone.

When you will press “Yes”, your phone will be paired with RiftCat (Don’t worry, you can always pair another mobile phone later). VRidge is ready now.

5. Have fun in virtual reality with VRidge

At this point. VRidge is running and you are ready to have fun with PC VR games on your mobile phone headset. The icon in the bottom right corner will notify you of the VRidge status.


Pressing the "PLAY" button will launch the game and it will show up on your phone screen. Have fun in virtual reality!

Keep in mind that we cannot test all the games. There is always a possibility that the game of your choice might not work correctly with VRidge.

In case of troubles or need for more informations and advanced setup tutorials more articles in our Help Center. Also, you can join our growing VRidge community on Reddit to discuss our software and get help if need be.


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