Samsung & Gear VR: Stream stuttering / jittery tracking

We noticed that some Samsung devices experience jittery streaming. Sometimes frames are displayed out of order. It's noticeable especially during head movement because you may skip back to previous rotation and jump to the correct one on the next frame. Overall, it feels like framerate dropping to low FPS when you move your head around.

We're currently trying to solve this problem but it's very random and every bit of data is useful. If you experience this problem, please send diagnostic data with a note "jittery streaming". This problem happens both in Gear VR version and regular one.

See this article to find out how to send diagnostic data using VRidge beta app.


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    sandor nemeth

    Hi. I think the problem not the order. The streaming is good. The problem the gear vr is trying adjust the screen to the head movement and it's seems like jittery streaming. If you are watching a stablist you see the horzontal is good and just the vertical seems out of order.

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    Matt Grenier

    Hey - figured I should share some news.

    I saw the following reddit post regarding the gear vr stutter issue.  I was having the stutter pretty bad in all steam vr and oculus experiences.  The following settings addressed about 95% of it and everything is now playable for me.



    Try to go to your windows graphic control panel, turn on vsync, triple buffering, and put texture 'something' to clamp, it helped me, but still there.



    When he mentions "texture 'something' to clamp" he is referring to the 'Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias'.  Setting these 3 options has pretty much eliminated all stutter.  I testing in project cars with gear vr, steam, riftcat, and psmove for positional head tracking and it is almost flawless at 1920x1080 resolution.

    As a result of the above finding, I have now purchased the full version of riftcat.


    Good luck!


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