Minecraft - How to?

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial

NOTE 2: In this tutorial, we will work on Minecraft java version. That’s the one that supports mods and is the most popular one.

First of all make sure that you have Minecraft installed and have started the launcher at least once (you don't need to start Minecraft game). Then go to, download section, and download Vivecraft matching your Minecraft version.



If you play Minecraft with mods make sure to check the box "install Vivecraft with Forge", otherwise leave it unchecked, then click "Install" (make sure Minecraft Launcher isn't running).


Now everything should be set up. Connect your phone with RiftCat, start SteamVR and launch Minecraft by selecting "Vivecraft" version in Minecraft launcher.


Since we do not have HTC Vive controllers, we will have to switch the controlling mode. Go to Minecraft Options -> VR Settings and change Play Mode from Standing to Seated. 


You can control your movements with keyboard like in traditional Minecraft. Your hands are controlled by mouse and a little white crosshair in front of it. You can of course, look around with your head movements. Have fun in Minecraft with VRidge!


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    Jay Jordan

    everything works as above (thanks)

    however screen looks like below on Motorola G 2nd gen XT1068

    I'm guessing its resolution? any help greatly appreciated :)


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    [14:24:18 SEVERE]: Job 'Version & Libraries' finished with 2 failure (s)! (Took 0: 00: 11.130) I'm getting the error

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