[Classic] Revive Tutorial - Playing modern Oculus Rift games with VRidge.

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial and VRidge SteamVR Tutorial

Due to licensing, VRidge cannot support Oculus Rift games on its own. To support Oculus Rift games made with SDK 1.0+, we need to use additional software called Revive.

Revive is a third party, open source software that enables Oculus Rift games for HTC Vive headset. Since VRidge is compatible with SteamVR it allows VRidge to run Oculus Rift games as well.

Note: Revive is a project that is independent from VRidge. This tutorial was made using 0.7 version of Revive, so remember that newer versions might have changed and this tutorial will no longer be valid. If you will run into problems, make sure to contact us first for troubleshooting to not bother Revive developer with VRidge specific issues.

To start the configuration, we need to download Oculus Home. Go to the Oculus page and download it. On the webpage, press the “Start download” button.

Download and install Oculus Home on your computer. It allows you to download games designed for Oculus Rift. This process is pretty straightforward. Just follow the installation instructions appearing on the screen.

After the installation, launch Oculus Home. You will have to Login into it by using the button in the bottom left corner of the window. If you need to create Oculus Home account, use the button in the bottom right corner.

Enter your credentials and log in into Oculus Home. After login, you’ll see the games available on the Home platform.

We can try Revive with one of the free Oculus games: Lucky’s Tale. Use the search button to find the game in the platform.  

You will see an "Install" button which will start the download and installation process for Lucky's Tale. After it finished, you will have to press "Finish install" button. It will switch to "Start" button and the game will be ready to play.

In the next step, we have to download Revive software. Go to Revive GitHub page by clicking here. Then, download latest Revive installer under the Downloads which should be called "ReviveInstaller.exe" and proceed to install Revive software. 

Now we need to open windows with both ReviveInjectors and Lucky's Tale exe (will be probably called LT.exe). You will find LT.exe in this directory (be default) C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\playful-luckys-tale. Then open second window with ReviveInjector. You'll find it in this directory (by default) C:\Program Files\Revive\Revive

Note: Make sure that SteamVR runtime is running with VRidge connected. Just press “Play SteamVR games” button in RiftCat Client. You should connect to SteamVR dashboard in your phone screen.

Our last step will launch our desired game, open the window with game.exe. Lucky’s Tale in our case and drag the game exe file - LT.exe on ReviveInjector_x64.exe.

And that’s it. Your game should launch now and you can have fun playing it with VRidge. Remember that for most Oculus Rift games you need an Xbox Controller which you can acquire at reasonable price.


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