[Classic] Connecting through USB - VRidge Tethered experience.

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial

Connect your phone to your computer or laptop with USB cable. Your Windows system should notify you about new connection. To let VRidge use USB cable, you have to turn on USB tethering option on your phone. Follow these steps to set up USB tethering.

  1. Open the left drawer in VRidge app by pressing the hamburger icon or sliding your figer from the left.
  2. Select "USB Tethering" option.
  3. Enable USB Tethering option in your system settings that have appeared.
  4. Move back to VRidge main screen.

After few seconds, there should be an USB connection option available in RiftCat connections screen. It will have a different icon from other connection options (USB sign). Select it to continue the connection process.


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    Vatamaniuc Catalin

    hey got this problem i cant connect through tethering im using xperia z1 i click on remot ndis and it doesent connect :DD please reply fast i want to enjoy vr :)

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    Outlaw Gaby




    Test USB:


    Andoid 8.0.0

    Samsung experience 9.0

    Option>option de developpement>configuration USB>RNIS




    Option>Conexions>point d'acces mobile et modem>Modem USB "ON"


    Wifi "Off"

    Bluethoot "ON"


    Riftcat + Vrige "Ok"





    USB test:
    Andoid 8.0.0
    Samsung experience 9.0

    Option> development option> USB configuration> RNDIS
    Option> Conexions> Mobile Access Point and Modem> USB Modem "ON"

    Wifi                  "Off"
    Bluethoot         "ON"

    Riftcat + Vrige  "Ok"



     P.S. big screen

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