War Thunder - How to?

NOTE: This tutorial is a part of a longer guide - to have full understanding of what is going on in this tutorial, make sure to go through VRidge Basic Tutorial and VRidge SteamVR Tutorial

Press play SteamVR games in RiftCat client to make sure that SteamVR driver is running. After that, open War Thunder launcher and open settings by pressing a cogwheel icon at the top of the launcher.

Find the VR Mode option in the settings and check it to enable virtual reality mode in War Thunder.

You can launch the game now by pressing PLAY button in War Thunder launcher. After shortwhile, the game will start in VR mode with VRidge.

We are almost ready at this point but there is a high chance that the image will be blurred, distorted or doubled after putting it inside the VR headset. It happens because for some reason, War Thunder has strange IPD settings. To correct this, we have to press the cogwheel button on our phone screen. A green window will appear in which you will be able to control IPD settings. 

Tinker a little bit with the slider until you will achieve clear image in-game. In our case, we had to set the IPD slider all the way to the left.

Press the SAVE button after you will finish setting IPD.

Now you are ready to play and enjoy War Thunder. You can control the game the same way it's being done traditionally. You can also rotate your head to look around. Have fun in War Thunder with VRidge!



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