Can I play with VRidge using Samsung GearVR?

Yes, VRidge is fully compatible with GearVR and it can be downloaded via SideloadVR. Click HERE to read how to download VRidge for GearVR.



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    Topi V

    I hope this GearVR sernsor support will come soon. That would make it really cheap VR headset. Also, now when SteamVR tracking is free there could be aftermarket GearVR tracking devices coming into market. That would make this ideal solution for cheap VR solution. :)

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    Soroush Falahati

    This is one of the important missing features. You see, with Cardboard and without Gear VR sensors, drifting makes the playing impossible while using Mouse and Keyboard or Game-pad (well this one can be solved with a rotating chair xD). After all, RiftCat is sort of a 'Sitting Only VR' so we need an accurate head tracking solution and GearVR is the cheapest headset capable of this level of accuracy.

    Other than that, battery is another problem that this can solve. By supporting GearVR officially, we can hopefully use the USB port of the headset to keep the battery usage at minimum.

    This and 'TriDef 3D' compatibility (or integration) are the two most important missing features of this program. With these two features, RiftCat becomes the best VR program out there :) And I, personally can pay as high as 50$ for it, gladly.

    Please note that 'TriDef 3D'  is also equally important, this means that we can also play 3D contents like Images, Movies and Games which is essential as RiftCat is a 'Sitting Only' solution. Next to Oculus and OpenVR support, this makes the complete package.

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    David Jakse

    Hi guys I need help with installing the Vridge for Gear VR I did all the steps in the video above and when I try to install the app it says app not installed. Is there any problem with Note 4  and Android 6.0.1?


    Thanks for your help.

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