Buying VRidge

You can buy VRidge in desktop app after pairing your phone, at the "Play" screen. You will see button named "Unlock VRidge" there or you can go directly to this page.

You can also buy VRidge code on G2A, link here, and redeem it on this page.

Please try the free version before buying!


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    You can have a better Selling methods via Play Store...
    It's difficult for someone doesn't have Paypal or even a Credit Card...
    So If you don't mind, use a Play Store payment methods, so I can buy your product...

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    Pedro Aragao

    Unfortunately paypal, will steal about 15% extra on top of your price (it will convert from eur to my local country, and since my bank account is in euro my bank will convert it back to euro) meanwhile each of those 2 transactions will basically mean I lose money. 

    The one from my bank is ok, but the paypal is ridiculous, near 12% extra cost.

    Is there any other way to to pay (a honest one), like using my credit cards directly?


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