Does VRidge support X game ?

All games from our library are working. 

VRidge supports any other games built with Oculus SDK 0.6, 0.7 or 0.8 (and 1.3 through Revive layer*) and all SteamVR games (see instructions) that do not rely on motion controllers as the only input method.

There are many Steam games that despite working with VRidge might not be playable due to the requirements of Vive Controllers. Below you can find a link where you can see all SteamVR games supporting Keyboard + Mouse input.

NOTE: Not all of those games were tested, below you can find a table with tested and working games.

Click here to see the list of Steam games supporting Keyboard + Mouse input


Games tested and working with VRidge

Game name Special notes


Check this guide if you are having trouble launching it

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1.0  

Elite Dangerous

Check this guide if you are having trouble launching it

Virtual Desktop


Custom Maid 3D 2 VR

Specific version and patches

The Talos Principle






American Truck Simulator

Project Cars  

Lucky's Tale

Via Revive project:
I Expect You To Die 1.1 Don’t use the launcher, use the one that’s in the game folder

Jaunt VR - Experience Cinematic Virtual Reality

Steam version
Flying Aces VR Alpha 1.0  
Blocks 1.5.10  
Deep Space VR 0.31  
Dreadhalls 0.8 version
From Ashes 1.1  
Leap Motion Blocks Requires Leap Motion controller
Back to Dinosaur Island VR Unspecified version


Unspecified version

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Check this guide if you are having trouble launching it

DCS World


InCell VR

Rollin Christmas VR 0.7  

Whirligig Player


Dolphin VR

Only 0.6 SDK version

War Thunder

Check this guide if you are having trouble launching it


Steam version

Apollo 11 VR


Live for Speed


RaceRoom Racing Experience


Descent: Underground



Steam version

InMind VR


EVE: Valkyrie


*Revive is a great software - it makes Oculus exclusive games run in SteamVR environment allowing SteamVR users to experience games that wouldn't work otherwise. You can check out our guide here which shows how to set up Revive.

It's a 3rd party mod so unfortunately it doesn't always work (because of DRM, anti-modding tools or complex launchers). Revive was created to support Oculus games on Vive so things do not always work well with VRidge. If you run into problems while using it please contact us first unless you are sure that's specifically Revive's problem. If you want to report problems to original developer please make sure you mention the fact that you are using VRidge. We don't want to make him to chase bugs that are caused by VRidge.

Special thanks to Cameron Swisher for helping us with game list.


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    Michael Davis

    New version of ED coming just prior to official Rift launch, fingers crossed this makes it easy to add support for you guys!

  • Avatar
    Alexander Wegner

    Please add support for Dolphin VR(Gamecube and Wii VR Emulation)

  • Avatar
    Renan Sales

    Hey Guys, Honey Select is a great game to use VR, you guys should see it, and maybe make a suport for it in the pix cat! Continue the Awesome work! Best Regards.

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    john clark

    Hi, all these games suck. When will you get good games so that I buy your software?

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    Hellow VRbrige works VR Kanojo "Demo" fine, but full version doesn't work. 

    Can you fix it with update? thanks!

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