Constant artifacts (floating/blocky pixels) and low performance

It may be caused by phone going into low-power mode. It downclocks CPU to low frequency (to save battery life) but it causes artifacts to appear. 

If you experience this issue follow these 3 steps below.



Tap top-left part of the streaming screen and look at Frames lost counter.

  • If it's frames lost @ decoder, proceed to step 2 and 3.
  • If it's frames lost @ network, try to improve your connection or use USB cable.


Monitor CPU frequency during streaming. You can use this app. Go to Labels and check CPU Frequency there, then click Show panel. You will see overlay on the top-left part of the screen (there is an option to move it in bottom part of main tab).

If CPU frequency often drops below 900-1000MHz you are experiencing this issue.


If you are still experiencing low performance and/or artifacts you can send us diagnostic data to analyze.

In order to record diagnostic data you need Beta version of VRidge. To download it follow instructions in the link below (you will also download Beta VRidge there.)

Once you have Beta VRidge you need to enable diagnostic data which you can do by going to Settings in VRidge (upper left corner.)

Then go to Settings -> Diagnostics and check "Enable diagnostics."

From now on every time you play using VRidge important data like frames dropped will be saved in log (up to 5MB). Once enough data is stored (short play-session of about 30 seconds should be enough) you can send it to us by clicking "Send Bug Report."

There is no personal information sent - you can review the information sent by tapping [See logs] before sending.


We are working on a way to keep CPU in high-performance mode but one user already found a working solution (root only):


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    Gabriel Rodrigo Piedade

    I don't face the constant artifacts issue, but the image freezes frequently and I miss a lot of frames. But it's interesting that Stats shows 0 (or a very low number like < 5) frames lost (@decoder and @network), so it seems network and smartphone (Nexus 5) are not the bottleneck.

    So is my CPU and/or video card the culprit? The game images in computer screen are normal and fluid (no freezes / lost frames).

    How can I identify what's the bottleneck in my setup? Is it possible to get a clear indication of what component of the setup (CPU, video card, network, smartphone) is causing the freezes / lost frames so I can focus on upgrading that component?

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