Unknown error during login


Following error message is written to RiftCat folder/logs/clientLogs.txt:

Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED)) at at MS.Internal.TextFormatting.TextMetrics.FullTextLine.FormatLine(FullTextState fullText, Int32 cpFirst, Int32 lineLength, Int32 formatWidth, Int32 finiteFormatWidth, Int32 paragraphWidth, LineFlags lineFlags, FormattedTextSymbols collapsingSymbol)


This happens on some Windows 7 systems during font loading in certain conditions. 

Please install this update:


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    Johanes Joy

    Hello, I have downloaded the update from windows page, but upon installing, it always stuck on the window saying "Searching for updates on this computer..."


    Is there any sollution for this?

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    Sam Sarmento

    Nothing? No answer?

    I'm having the same issue...

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    Chase Terry

    I've got Windows 8.1, but I'm getting an "Unknown Error" when trying to log in.

    In the "Config" folder, my RiftCat account info is there, so it seems to be connecting. But it won't log in.

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