How big is the latency?

Due to the nature of our technology, it is not precise to measure latency in miliseconds. Instead, we define how many video frames the image is behind input.

VRidge video stream is about 1-2 frames behind input.


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    Joe McLeod

    Hi, firstly I wanted to say how much I love RiftCat, I've played with it a bit and the system is great.

    There is something I wanted to check though;

    With regard to the latency, there appears to be a fairly significant delay on my setup.  When I move my phone the image on my computer screen seems to move perfectly, however, the phone display lags behind a bit.  I've tested a few games (both simple and complex) as well as different USB cables and the same occurs.

    My setup is:

    Windows 10
    HD7850 graphics
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    USB tether connection (this is the only connection type that works and is usable for me - neither 2.4 or 5 wifi offer a usable experience)

    Many thanks and keep up the good work :)

    Regards, Joe


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    Alan Frederic Ryden

    Same issue. I love the concept but I find there seems to be a significant lag between screen and headset. Oddly if I look at Stats it says latency .01. So I wonder if it is the PC decoding - is it done 'in parallel' with graphics going to PC screen and is it introducing latency? Seems unlikely as my PC currently Phenom x6, R9 290 Graphics, Win 10.


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    Syed Muhammad Hassan

    Hello all ! I have an issue.I have 2.4 Ghz router.I am streaming steam VR tutorial but I am facing hell a lot of delay.When I move my head, the view in the scene in mobile change after 2-3 minutes.What is probably the problem? For your kind information I just want to tell you that I have a PC having 8GB RAM, AMD R9 280x Graphic card and operating system is windows 10 and using Samsung gear VR with S6 edge.The view in the desktop screen works perfectly but view in the mobile changes after 2-3 minutes.There is also very more glitch.Please help me in this regard.

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    Syed Muhammad Hassan

    Dear Joe.What type of USB connection did you use  USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 for tethering, which solve your problem? I am facing the same problem.Thank you 

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    Joe McLeod

    Hi all,

    I spent a lot of time adjusting settings and trying various different things to eventually get my setup running sweetly.  A big thing for me was that my 5GHz router was in a different room to me (downstairs in fact).  It seems obvious to me now; keep in mind that 5GHz doesn't work well over long distances or through walls.  My router is now in the same room as my PC and is all hard wired.  Try not to use powerline adapters in your network for RiftCat too - plug in to your router direct if it's practical.

    Also, My system reported that RiftCat would run at the maximum settings with my phone, but actually I find that I get best results at around 15-20MBps.

    Finally, to answer your question Syed, I was using USB 2.0 which should be fine in theory, but as with all things network related you won't necessarily get the maximum speed all of the time, and realistically you'll never see the maximum.

    Personally, from what you've said about your setup I wouldn't use 2.4GHz wireless as I doubt you'll have a pleasant experience with it.  However, stick with USB and play around with the settings.

    I hope you figure it out, good luck.



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    Syed Muhammad Hassan

    Dear Joe,Thank you very much for your quick response and kind concern.You have explained to me in detail and in very simple and easy way.I am very much obliged.I will follow your instruction and will share my experience after my final exams, probably end at 20 January 2017.  

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