Is this legal?

We are based in EU, Poland. We are under jurisdiction of Polish and European Union laws.

100% of implementation is our own, based on our custom VR renderer (we were working with VR since early DK1 days). Our DLLs have few matching offsets that let us intercept calls and detour them into our runtime which is completely different from Oculus one (as it's optimized for compatiblity and transmission).

Also, our philosophy of being "cheaper PC VR entry point" fits the vision of Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus Rift company). He wrote about it on Reddit:

Reddit post

Having all that in mind, we consider our venture legal and we believe that there is no conflict between us and any parties involved in virtual reality community.


Edit: 04.05.2016

VRidge is using OpenVR/SteamVR for some time. It is an open source library which solves all doubts about legal issues.



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