Infinite "trying to connect" message.

Probably caused by UDP broadcast packets being dropped by router/firewall. Make sure your router/firewall allows UDP broadcasts and VRidge.exe/Riftcat.exe are marked as allowed applications.

You can also try connecting manually. Please pick non-Automatic network interface on the list below.

After picking connection, an IP address will be displayed. Please tap [Connect manually] on your mobile and enter your IP address. If you see error message, please let us know what kind of message is displayed (re-type first 5 words or make a screenshot).

If it's ECONNREFUSED it may mean that firewall is blocking your connection.


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    Paul Boursin

    My phone asks me to confirm connection on my PC but RiftCat doesn't detect it... I tried Ethernet and USB tethering on my AMD PC running Windows 7 AND 10 cause I just happened to upgrade while troubleshooting.
    I tried on a W10 laptop with WiFi and tethering both worked but it's too slow... Anyone have an idea on what to try ?

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