Moonlight Basic Guide

Moonlight is an open source NVidia Gamestream client. It lets you stream games from your PC to the phone with ultra high performance. You might prefer this streaming technology over VRidge streaming - that’s why we have enabled an option to use Moonlight instead.

You can find official website of Moonlight here:

NOTE: Be aware that to run Moonlight you need NVidia GPU in your PC that meets the requirements available HERE. 

After launching RiftCat client and connecting your phone. Go to Configuration tab and find Moonlight on Integrations list. Check the toggle button to activate it.



This will let RiftCat know to use Moonlight streaming instead of VRidge technology. Press “Play SteamVR” button now like you would normally do by using VRidge - Moonlight streaming mode will be activated.



Launching Moonlight with VRidge for the first time.

Moonlight application will launch on your phone (if it’s not already installed, you will be prompted to install it.). We will have to configure NVidia GeForce experience first.


  1. Install GeForce Experience software program from
  2. Start GeForce Experience and open settings represented by a “gear” icon. Choose SHIELD tab. Make sure that GameStream toggle button is in the “on” position.
  3. Press the “Add” button on GAMES & APPS list.
  4. Find StreamView.exe file in RiftCat installation directory and select it.

Next launch of Moonlight:

At this moment, you will see Moonlight app opened on your phone. You will see available computers within your local network. Select the PC that RiftCat is running on to pair your phone with the computer.

You will have a list of available applications ready for streaming - choose StreamView which you added previously and the streaming will start.

You will notice that your computer screen has a partial transparency. In transparent mode, you can use your computer normally to launch desired games. Launch the game that you wish to play using Moonlight + VRidge.

When the game will launch - use the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + HOME keyboard combination to disable/enable transparent mode. You are ready now to play SteamVR games with Moonlight + VRidge!

Note: Use transparent mode to launch games, switch between apps, etc.


Even in non-transparent mode your clicks will go through the streaming window as if it wasn’t there. It’s designed this way, so games can receive keyboard and mouse input. Make sure that your game was focused and captured your mouse, so you don’t accidently click on things covered by streaming screen.

By using the key combination CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + (key from below) you can perform various actions:

HOME - Enables/Disables transparent mode

PAGE UP - Changes the monitor that is being streamed (in case of multi monitor setup)

There is additional Advanced settings mode for Moonlight that you can read about in Moonlight Advanced Guide. It covers changing IPD, Scale, distortion parameters and handling multi-monitor setups.


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