Google Earth VR - How to?

Getting into Google Earth VR with VRidge is very simple. First of all you need to install "Google Earth VR" from Steam. You can click "Play Free" in THIS link and it should automatically download Google Earth VR on your Steam Client.



Once you've installed Google Earth VR, connect your phone with RiftCat and start SteamVR by clicking the "SteamVR" button in RiftCat's client.



Search for "Google Earth VR" in your Steam's Library and launch it. Now all you have to do is follow the short tutorial and you ready to explore the whole Earth in VR!

Note: Motion Controllers are required, however you can access few pre-defines tours without Motion Controller. Scroll down to learn how.



If you don't have Motion Controllers then you can view few pre-defined tours of different places e.g. Desert by clicking "Demo" in the Google Earth VR window.



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