Error message: "Cardboard application is not compatible with Daydream"

If that message pops up right after launching game through RiftCat that means you have to change Cardboard profile.

To do that look for 'cardboard' app on your phone or download it from HERE if you don't have it. Once you have the 'cardcoard' app it's time to create your own Cardboard profile specifically for your Headset and Phone. You can do that by following the steps on THIS website, and based on the parameters you typed in it will create QR code that you will have to scan in Cardboard app. - Now go to settings in the Cardboard app by clicking the 3 vertical dots in top-right, click 'change gogles' or 'change headset' and scan QR code.

You can also find pre-generated QR codes for various headsets HERE.



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