Sending detailed Android logs (logcat)

Sometimes our logged messages don't tell the whole story. For example, if hardware video decoder is encountering unexpected problems, it may report it to system log, not to VRidge's log. Logcat is a system-level log module. It contains all hardware and software errors/warnings.


You can export the log data by using official Android tool - ADB. You can download it straight from Google by clicking the link below:

Your phone needs to be in developer mode for this tool to work. You can switch developer mode off after you're done. To enter the developer mode, follow the steps in this article:

Extracting diagnostic logs

1. Make sure you experienced the VRidge related problem recently and fully while VRidge diagnostic mode was enabled - you can start diagnostic mode by using VRidge (Diagnostic mode) launcher icon.
After reproducing the problem, you can continue with next steps. The log file usually covers only last few hours so problems that happened a week ago probably won't be logged in there.
2. Extract the downloaded ADB archive and open platform-tools-latest-windows\platform-tools folder where adb.exe is located.
3. Right-click anywhere in the folder while your shift key is pressed. It will open a context menu with some extra options. Select Open command window here or Open PowerShell window here in the opened menu. If you don't see this option, click address bar in file explorer window and type cmd and hit enter. A command window will open.
4. Make sure your phone is connected via USB (regular USB connection without tethering) and that your phone has USB debugging notification visible. If you don't have this notification visible, you probably have developer mode disabled.
5. Enter adb logcat -d -v time > VridgeLogcat.log and press enter. VridgeLogcat.log will be created in the platform-tools folder.

Please reply to your ticket with the file attached.

Privacy note: This log will contain data logged by other applications. Sensitive data should not be there but it's up to app developers to decide what is logged and what is not. You can open the file and see contents for yourself. If you want, you can remove anything with dates prior to VRidge crash/fault event time but please leave the entries created between VRidge startup and shutdown unmodified.


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