[Testing] Vridge for Android 4

Android 4 version is highly experimental. It relies heavily on phone's decoding capabilities. If you cannot play YouTube at at least 720p @ 60 FPS your phone is probably not compatible with VRidge.

Please test with SteamVR or any game from our library. If you see video artifacts please leave the broken stream on for 20-30 seconds.

Also, please try different timing modes - at least "prefer low latency" and "synchronized".

After testing, please go to Settings->Diagnostics->Send bug report.

Please describe what you did and what the effect was. You can send it with Android bug report as a note or (if you want to use full size keyboard) you can send us an e-mail from your PC. Please use the same e-mail address if you decide to send an e-mail separately from bug report note.


Click here to download Android 4.4 APK. You will need to enable apps from unknown sources. See here to find out how.

Android 4.4 is currently minimum supported version because Android 4.3 and earlier versions don't work with Google official VR libraries (Daydream).


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